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Teaching Strategy # 34 - How to check for understanding

Posted by anonymous on April 27, 2014 at 5:10 AM

Checking for understanding

Checking for understanding is inself an art. You need to make sure your questions are not leading, but give enough of an example so that you get the info you need. Asking 'do you understand' often equates to 'I don't really care & I'm ready to move on', so try to avoid that one at all costs!

I came across an awesome website today in my internet meanderings & thought it would be awesome to use to check for understanding, it's called ReadWriteThink. This site lets you make your own comics! I've just finished making a comic for my Yr 8 Maths class , we're doing algebra. I've created the 1st couple of frames with captions to give students an idea of what I'm looking for & then have left the others with backgrounds or characters.  I'll get my kids to draw & caption the remaining frames, demonstrating their understanding of algebra expressions.  This is just one way to use it & I'm sure you're only limited by your imagination with this one! Here's some other sites:

Marvel comics - this one is great for the boys and you can make a whole comic book if you want!

Make belief comics - no logon needed & it's pretty straight forward

I'd love to hear how you could use this in your class! Homework, make a comic ... 2 cool 4 skool?

Click here for some handy free resources to check for understanding


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