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Posted by anonymous on August 7, 2014 at 11:15 PM

When students are waiting for you outside the classroom, let them know the behavior you are looking for - deep down, they want to impress you.  Reward the students who are doing the correct thing and explicitly tell them what they are doing that you like - standing quietly with their books ready.  If you use student's names, this is like a turbo boost for achieving your goal.

Tell the students how you expect they will enter the classroom and if they don't do it correctly (I like to use - silently and stand behind their desk), get them back outside to do it again.  If you allow poor behaviour from the start, the bar is set low & it doesn't take long before you're using your whole bag of behaviour management strategies to keep them from climbing the walls.  If you ask them to go outside and line up again, ask them why they are out there - students usually ask that while they are on their way out the door.  If they can identify their own faults, it's so much more powerful than you telling them that they stuffed it up.  Also ask, if they know how to do it correctly - answering with the specific behaviour you are looking for ie: forwarding in silently and stand behind their chair.  Clarify your language, as each teacher may have a different version of what silently actually means for you - 'silently means without talking or making a sound'.  They quickly get the message when they are accountable for their actions rather than rebelling against authority - they are the authority.

Best of luck - you've got this!

Vikki Grant

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