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What I learned while hosting my 1st Web Conference

Posted by anonymous on August 19, 2014 at 8:20 AM

Hey guys!  This afternoon I conducted my first Web Conference and to be honest, it felt a little anticlimatic. I love creating an energy buzz in the room and feed off people's reactions and interactions.  Perhaps it was just how I was using it, but I felt quite alone despite having a room of about 20 people there! I think I was expecting to be hearing people and wanted them to be asking questions as I went through the conference and was not expecting the overwhelming silence!  There was some text dialogue happening in the chat window, but it's hard to convey emotion there.  Everyone was posting positive comments at the end, and from that it seemed like I hit the mark, thankfully! That aside, I think it ran quite smoothly, except on the couple of occasions where my voice was 'Chipmonk' style and one of my work colleagues was in stitches as a result!  Ah, the fun of trying new things!

Speaking of trying new things, the Web Conference today was limited to public school Education Queensland staff and we would love to open it up to EVERYONE!  We have been looking into AnyMeeting as a possible platform and have heard some good reviews on the web. Does anyone have any experience with this site or are you able to give us some suggestions for others that you may have used that would suit?  We're keen to open these workshops up and aim to have something in place for next month.

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Have an awesome day!


Vikki Grant


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