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Posted by anonymous on April 13, 2015 at 8:30 AM

The K-12 Cultural Innovation in Australian Schools Conference was an amazing experience to speak at and I enjoyed every moment. I was lucky enough to have been put up in an awesome hotel that was in the same block as the conference. I was a bit stressed leading up to the presentation and it seemed that the practice & paring down of my speech definitely paid off. I was able to eventually get it down to a series of dot points that I remembered in sequence so that I could fill in the details as I flowed with it. 

This was my first time speaking at a national conference and I have already applied for more! I figured that since the conference was about innovation, they would be up for some out-of-the-box antics and I chose to do my presentation in my house captain super hero costume, complete with undies on the outside. I figure that there's no such thing as 'a little embarassed', so I might as well go the whole way! 

The conference gave me insight into how schools are addressing cultural issues and I'm working to implement some of those ideas into my current school. It was also a great opportunity to network and have those important discussions with professional colleagues about their philosophies and practices in their classrooms and schools.

My presentation was about how to implement 21st teaching strategies in the classroom. Here's a couple of pics to give you an insight into my crazy mind ... beware, you will see my underwear!

Getting my 'game-face' on

Changed & waiting for my presentation time

Mid speech ...

Full flight, with lapel mic and all!

I had to leave straight after my presentation and with little time to get changed, so I went to Sydney Airport on the train with my makeup mask on still. Actually, I flew home with it on too .. just to see what people's reactions were. My partner was horrified when I was picked up & I still had the face mask on! The amusing thing is that noone even looked sideways at me or even asked what was up with it! I guess that must happen all the time! 

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Well, off to save another day. Have a fantastic week!

Vikki Grant x


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