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Building rapport quickly in the classroom

Posted by Granted Education on June 19, 2019 at 11:10 PM

This year, I have had some clashes with one of our students (no-one is perfect!) and have been looking for ways to make sure I check in with him and acknowledge when he does things well with the intention of rebuilding trust.


I have been asking how he's going with his football and noticed he worked like a trojan during our Fort Building day (today). I made sure I popped a ka mau te wehi (You are awesome!) on his Seesaw profile. This is like an electronic portfolio of student work and learning progress. This program instantly notifies parents/connected famiy when something new is posted. I am hoping that this will help show his parents that I care because I'm not sure how much gets passed on when he goes home from school.


I would really like this working relationship to mend and will keep looking for authentic opportunities to build a connection with him as well as the other students in the class. Lately I have been listening to a Dr Brene Brown podcast called "The Anatomy of Trust" which has been quite helpful to help me get the little things locked in, which will help tackle the big picture here.


I also had a good chat with one of our other students who has been struggling with the 'perfectionism demon' during our speech writing task last week. We have started a new Level Up today and I didn't want her caught in the same trap. We spoke about identifying when we are feeling the pinch of perfectionism and what it may look like, so she can recognise it when it creeps up. We then discussed how to check the facts of the story she tells herself and let her know she can check-in with us if she is struggling. I'm hoping this will help her mental health. I listened to a great podcast about this recently called "Rising Strong" (Dr Brene Brown) and it had some great thoughts on this which made me instantly think of IC. I'm hoping we can help her manage this beast through acknowledging it, feeling it and then making steps to move past it.

Connecting with students is vital to earn trust and build rapport. Recent professional development at our Community of Learning's Teacher Only Day backed this up. Disengaged students spoke in a workshop, explaining how their schooling experience could have been vastly different if their teachers had taken the time to connect with them. If you are looking to refresh your skills, here's a course - How to build rapport quickly in the classroom - that can help with practical, hands on strategies for classroom teachers. 


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Have a great week and I'll look forward to hearing from you soon.


Vikki Grant x


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