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Here's some feedback from the Antidote to Boring Lessons Workshops. Thanks to all who took the time to share your thoughts.

Quotes LOVED the interaction of the PD. Instead of just being told 'Oh here are some games to show', you told us the games and PHYSICALLY showed us! Kids get bored in class, as do teachers in PD, but not during your PD because we got to use the games, see how they work and experience what the kids would experience. Advice: None - delivery was great, good pace! Quotes
Andrea Edwards
Pacific Pines SHS

Quotes I liked the fact that you demonstrated, and provided us time to work with the new tools. Thanks heaps!!! I really enjoyed the session. Please let me know if you have another. I am keen to return. Quotes
Lee Rossow
Southport SHS

Quotes I loved the paper throwing activity and will attempt to use this! Very good workshop and way more valuable than all the things we do in normal PDs for SUREEEEEEEE!!!! Importantly, I didn't feel like you were wasting my time! Quotes
Lauren Philp
Pacific Pines SHS

Quotes I loved the fact that the ideas were high energy & interactive. Too many teachers are jaded and unenthusiastic, so this suited my teaching style and I believe it would be very effective and useful for behaviour management. Quotes
Sam Pollock
Pacific Pines SHS

Quotes This was a great session, liked all of the activities but still a little unclear on the QR reader creations but if I need to load the apps and play before I hit you up with follow up questions. I am keen to use the QR codes for orienteering courses and apart from not having a smart board, it was all fantastic and you are very motivating and enthusiastic. Quotes
Alison Talbot
Pacific Pines SHS

Quotes I loved the ideas in last night's workshop. I just tried the paper throwing game. The kids loved it! Quotes
Catheryn Harris
Benowa SS

Quotes This is gold, well done! Keep up the great work! Quotes
Paula Thomas
Apple Distinguished Educator