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Antidote to Boring Lessons Workshop

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What is Antidote to Boring Lessons?

This workshop is designed to ignite the possibilities in your teaching.  You will be an active participant, testing out 1st hand, what the activities feel like and include - Woolball, Left Vs Right, Paper Throwing and Socrative. The last 20 mins of the workshop will be focusing on brainstorming & designing a lesson bite that uses one of the activities learnt here & tailored for your classroom. 

The more engaging the activity, the less time you will spend in corrective behavior management, that's a win/win in our books!

What you can expect from the workshop:

  • 10 hands-on, interactive teaching strategies to deliver content and maximise engagement

  • Experience how technology can be used in the classroom

  • Editable templates for revision games

  • DIY lesson bite using one of the workshop teaching strategies

  • Networking

  • Certificate of participation relative to the Australian Professional Teaching Standards

Numbers are limited,  click here to register